What is Content Marketing?

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Content Marketing

For any business that is operating online, standing out from the competition is essential. Content marketing is one way that you can grab your customers attention and engage with them. It involves creating engaging media for your audiences such as videos, blog articles or social media posts which should pique their interest. This marketing technique can be used to boost brand awareness, drive traffic to your website and ultimately boost sales for your business by building a trustworthy relationship with your customers. 

It’s a two-way relationship

These days marketing is a two-way conversation between your business and your audience. People can now pick and choose what they look at online. So it’s important you provide content that appeals to their specific interests and gets them curious. Research is required to properly break down what your audience feels about your specific subject…the things they love about it…the things they hate about it. You need to be able to relate to them on a more personal level and build a more meaningful relationship with your customers. This will allow them to trust you and your business in the future.

The 3 Step Plan

There are 3 easy steps to planning out an effective content marketing campaign. The first step is answering potential questions that your customers may have on the subject or product. Maybe you sell healthier plant-based snacks; your customer may be curious as to the health benefits of eating plant-based foods. The second is providing with them some sort of value whether that be entertainment or a deeper insight on the topic. So maybe you help educate your audience on the health benefits of plant-based diets through a series of informative blog posts. The third and final step is hooking them in and leaving them wanting more of your engaging content. Your blog posts on plant-based diets have grabbed their attention! So they are left clicking, looking for more interesting content you have provided on that subject. 

Research is Key

Some good practices are simply to take some time to research your customer’s habits. This might be looking into which social media accounts they follow and interact with. Look at what content they like, comment and share. This will give you insights into what interests your audience. Then you can experiment with different types of media. See what they enjoy and see what they respond the best too. Whether this is videos, blogs or other social posts. Make sure its not too formal! You want to be on their level so that it turns into a friendly community rather than a professional business deal or a sales pitch.

Be Unique!

Unique content is what will really engage your audience. Find things that might excite them with eye-catching graphics and titles, or funny videos that might make them laugh. If you focus on providing unique content that will solve your customer’s needs and providing them with some sort of value, then it’s a sure way to boost your brand’s awareness. Customers will hopefully share your content, talk to their mates about it and spread the word for you.

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